Thursday, March 29, 2012

Caps try their best, but can't loose to Bruins

Not going to be a detailed blog on this one, but after watching that game, it is hard to really root for the Caps anymore.  They have gone from being a high flying team who would rather win 6-5 to now a team trying not to loose a 1-0 game.  Even though the caps got the win, it is hard for me to say that they belong in the play-offs.  Blowing late leads to the Jets (twice at home) and the Bruins tonight, I can't say they belong in the post season.

What really bothers me is that for a team that is supposed to be focused on defense first, the amount of D zone turnovers they have is insane.  The turnover by Alzner that led to the second goal for Boston is unacceptable.  With that much time to make a play, the guy who is supposed to be the most reliable blue liner can not be making poor choices without pressure in his own end.  It's two points, but still seems like this team is not ready for the post season.

On a bright note, you would think goalies would catch on to Hendricks' move by now.  He has made the last three goalies look silly with his fake snaper to deak.  Thomas looked like he got shot in net.

Head Shots and Concussions in Hockey

Coming up over the next couple of days I am going to tackle the topic of head shots and concussions in hockey.  The 3 part series is going to focus on youth hockey, the NHL, and solutions I feel might help.  Hopefully this will be a topic where everyone who reads the blog will be able to chime in with opinions as this is a topic that has affected many in hockey and the more we talk about it the better chance we have of coming up with good solutions.  Please be on the lookout for the first post later today and I hope you enjoy.


New Name, Same Boring Blogger

Well looks like I won't be coaching any youth hockey this upcoming season.  I haven't updated this blog in a long time, so it is going to get a facelift, new name, and new purpose.  In order to vent about anything hockey, I am going to be updating this blog as often as possible to offer my views on anything from the NHL to youth hockey to even new equipment and gear.  I expect this to be a place where no filters are required and I expect nothing but the honest truth when you think I am completely off my rocker.  It is a new adventure for me and a new way to express myself, so please bare with me as I figure everything out and get into the swing of things.

As for now, here is your chance to comment on this post and tell me how much I suck, or for the couple of you that like me, how much you love me.  Hope at least a couple people get enjoyment out of this as I plan on putting some time an effort into it.


Saturday, August 16, 2008

5 Ways to Change the NHL

I have been reading Puck Daddy's blog on and he has posed the question " 5 Ways I would change the NHL" to a couple people and their have been some great suggestions, some interesting suggestions, and some insane ones. I decided to take a crack at it and come up with my 5 ways I would change the NHL:

1) Promote players personalities. Hockey players portray the most bland personalities out of any sport. If hockey is going to grow in the US, they need characters to promote. As much as I respect a guy like Jarome Iginla, he has the classic North American hockey personality, or at least that is what he portrays to the media. I understand the hockey culture and love the fact that it helps kids learn respect and sportsmanship, but the NHL is a business. As much as I dislike some of the outlandish personalities in the NBA and NFL, it is those types of personalities that get people to watch. The NHL has a great game, but needs a hook and a few more Sean Avery's would do it some good.

2) Create a Hockey Night in America. It is such a success in Canada, so why not have something to that affect in the United States. There are only a few areas that get the CBC in the US and unless you have NHL Center Ice, you are not going to be able to see what is the best hockey broadcast out there. If you use the same Saturday night as the CBC does, you won't really be competing with Hockey Night In Canada in the areas in which the NHL is really trying to grow the sport. Have NBC run this from the start of the season and maybe even do a little partnership with CBC and do joint coverage in both the US and Canada.

3) Create an ad campaign to teach people about some of the rules. Now someone more creative then myself will need to come up with a comedic way to teach people some of the rules, but the biggest reason I hear people not watching hockey is because they don't understand the rules. Why we can't combine some sort of campaign working players personalities and rules of the game into a promotion for the NHL? Just a rough beginning, but something i believe is worth exploring.

4) Shorten the skills competition in the all-star game and add a celebrity hockey game. I know there are plenty of famous celeb's playing hockey out in LA, so why not use that as a way to help promote the game. The skills competition has been searching for a new hook and can't seem to find anything. The young stars game is not the answer and the "slam dunk" type shoot-out was a big waste of time. Have a lot of coverage and interviews on the bench and mic people up. Not like the weekend can get any worse.

5) Give ownership groups a 5 year window for success. Come up with a program where ownership groups have to earn the right to own the team. Have rankings based on fan growth, revenue, and on-ice success and teams in the bottom 5 or so for more then 5 years loose the right to own the team. Come up with some sort of format for the team to be sold and the new owners will have 5 years to turn things around. If anything, you won't see owners who sit around and don't take an active approach with their team. We may have a ton of horrible marketing ideas, but just think of some of the great ones that would come from a desperate ownership group looking to keep the rights to their franchise.

Yeah, I know 5 is a little far fetched, but interesting none the less.